21 2016 Nov

Setup for home cinema Bose home theater

Bose-CineMate-130-Home-Theater-System-0-300x300Normally, you will need large equipment to reproduce the reality from a cinema at your home.  The most important thing concerns sound.  This will be the issue to determine the atmosphere and the quality of your system.  That will influence and increase the price you pay.

The new Bose models are made to save a lot of space comparing to many competitors in home theaters.  The sound quality is very high.  It would easier to setup all the space at home.


The Bose Wave system includes a simple receiver with no external speakers.  The sound produced will be extremely high-level quality that can be equal or exceed the larger equipment home theaters. You will find the same accessories equipment like CD player, amplifiers and so on.  The options to connect to your usual equipment are going to be the same as any other home theater. The experience is going to be very entertaining.  You will feel a real cinema atmosphere.



Bose home theater

The digital system will give you access to all modern equipment.  It is going to be a wonderful experience with music at his best from your computer or any other device of the new era.

The design is also very adaptable and easily moveable to any room.  You have a display setup to follow your list of songs.  The specific characteristic of the speakers will have no impact on the quality sound wherever you install your home cinema.


Price / performance ratio is very interesting and higher comparing to any other larger home theater equipment.

This Bose new line system means less space needed to install it.  The budget is going to be reduced too.  The equipment is also oriented toward up-to-date design.  You can count on Bose!

21 2016 Nov

3D Printer at home Makerbot

MakerBot-Replicator-2-Desktop-3D-Printer-0-300x300These new type of printers will change our lives.  You can think about anything you use on a regular basis.  You will have the option to modify an object corresponding to your taste.  It will be a game changer.  3D printers are leading us to a new era.  The people will have an opportunity with this new tool.  The access on these objects directly is available on the Internet.  You just need to get a picture and download it.  The printer will be loaded with this 3D image and produce a real object.  The list of objects is much diversified like phone cases, flowers, storage cabinets, fixture and so on.


The main issue is about to get affordable 3D printer for customers.  As time passing by, people will be able to look at this new technology without worrying about the price.  We will look after what type of printers is most adapted for personal use.  The important criteria concern the equipment.  There is also another one which is the number of designs you can choose from.

One of the most renowned manufacturers of these 3D printers is Makerbot.   Replicator is best fitted for personal use.  There is a lot of help on Internet by chatting with many customers.  You will have a lot of information if you have any difficulty using your equipment.


Cubify would be another option and you can find a choice of designs that you need to pay.

Hewlett Packard will jump into this new type of printers and it would be interesting looking at their products too.

In conclusion, the customer will have to be very careful considering price for accessories to print objects and the choice for pictures models.

14 2016 Nov

Rain bird: Be smart with water use


Have you thought about this?  Why do sprinklers are on use during a rainy day?  It sounds like a waste of water resources.  You just need to water your ground by nature or by equipment.  For sure, you don’t have any control on nature.  You can have more control when the water coming from your equipment.  It is your decision to help the lawn too dry!


You must realize that some irrigation equipment is designed to run whatever are weather conditions. There is no option available to take into account other parameters.  The answer is around the corner: smart controllers.  You will be able to have efficient water use.


Rain bird


You have three choices for your smart controller. First one, it works with satellites.  The system will gather the weather information to run efficiently.  The second will be based on local weather station and will input these data to work.  Finally, the smart controller can work individually taking weather information on your ground and adapt if it is needed to use water or not.  These weather monitors are installed on the most representative areas of the ground to gather live data.  These controllers won’t work in case of rain.    It will be a lot smarter to use water when you need it.


These smart controllers can be set up easily by people that like to be able to work on their own.  You will find stores near your area that will give professional advice about your irrigation system.  You may need to replace your controller depending if you have in place some equipment for a long time.  Landscaping industry has to put in place better systems and more efficient use to preserve this very important resource.

6 2016 Nov

The best tablets : iPad

Apple-iPad-Air-MD789LLB-32GB-Wi-Fi-Silver-0-300x300The iPad is designed by Apple.  The technological development has been initiated by the tablet.  The company works on improvement for this product and use the same technologies for all other products like iPhone or iPod.  It is the starting point to improve these products.  You have access to multiple functions like taking pictures or make a video. You can perform a ton of activities on a tablet.  It is powerful equipment.  You can find some tablets using Wi-Fi or cellular use.

  1. iPad Air

This category of iPad is qualified for a shiny and brightness screen.   Read an e-book will be fluent and sweet as well as surfing Internet. Users will benefit and have a better experience with this excellent screen. You will have a    low-weight tablet with a beautiful design.  The 9.7 inches size screen is based on the iPad mini.  Customers appreciate very much the physical presentation with aluminum.    The only negative things concern the lack for a feature of Identification and processor speed.

iPad Air

  1. iPad mini 2

You will find a fantastic product for customers.  The vertical division screen is a specific feature for iPad mini.  The screen resolution shows beautiful and high-quality from small characters files.  You will get a better battery life than Google 7.



iPad Air

  1. iPad 3

This category increase RAM to 1 GB.  You will have access to new features like iCloud and powerful speed latest technology: LTE.  LTE is a high-performance network technology, optimized network.  You get multiple connections to a cellular and it will improve on quality for communications making it more reliable than ever.  You also have a GPS feature including a replacement antenna.  The latest technology, IPS screen, is anti-scratch and provides improved contrasts, more luminous white and colors.   There are many more interesting features about iPad 3.  The price is cheaper than SIM-free iPhone. This iPad 3 represents an excellent value for money.

23 2016 Oct

Apple i pod shuffle : small is beautiful

Audioflood-Waterproof-Apple-Ipod-Shuffle-Silver-Latest-Gen-0-300x300This  a  small release  for  I pod.  You will be able to bring it everywhere easily because it is so small.  The main difference will be the storage for the songs.  The maximum capacity is 2 GB instead of 40 GB.  This is the major impact: you will have a smaller number of songs to choose from.  You will have  the same as 10 different artists albums.  The main question will be how many hours are you traveling per week or month ?  You must take into account what is more important when you  travel : weight or storage of songs ?  If you have luggage, it will add up to your space needed.  It depends also if you travel by plane or by train and watch to respect specifications requirements at airports or train stations.  If you loose your I pod shuffle, it would be less costly than a regular one.

i pod

One interesting characteristic about I pod Shuffle concern random choice for songs.  Whatever are your songs, each time you will have a new experience and never know what is the next song.  You can connect your I pod shuffle with your computer and download from a wide choice of 1 million songs on I tunes.  You can adjust all your controls easily and it works the same as any other I pod category.  It is possible to add accessories helping to protect from any type of damages!!


The battery can last up to 12 hours and it is easy to recharge.  The only characteristic that is more concerning if you really want to have a complete display for all your songs, you won’t have it on I pod shuffle.  You will pay less than 100$ with this category.  If you like simple things and light items for music, it will be the best choice!!

23 2016 Oct

Let’s having fun and entertainment: air hogs


You can fulfil a dream.  It is called « Air Hogs ».  You want to have an overview of the world without taking any risk of a crash.  What beautiful pictures you can get from a plane or a helicopter !!  You don’t have to pay millions you can’t afford.   This is very affordable way more than this real flying objects !!  Maybe you are not as famous as these stars and it is not so fantastic being under cameras and paying too much attention to all your life.

These « Air Hogs » are ready to be used as soon as you open the doors and insert batteries.  You won’t loose any time reading carefully details and instruction about how to assemble this toy !!  On top of that, you have a large choice to choose from.   You will find what is the best « Air Hog » for you.  You can choose different types of air hogs.  Some are able to land on the water.  There are other air hogs you use inside without any worrying of rain, wind or cold.  You have also a toy that is able to climb on walls.

air hogs



The beauty is about how these air hogs work !!  You don’t have any pollution with gas, because it is air powered.  The weight is very low and it is very flexible and versatile.  You will improve your skills as time passing by.  You will experiment carefully and find the fun to operate an air hog. You can go back in time if you are older and the younger ones will enjoy too !!  Fun is easier to get than what you expected.  It doesn’t need to be as big as we think !!

26 2016 Sep

Informations about security cameras foscam cameras (Part 2)

3-pack-Foscam-FI8910W-Black-WirelessWired-Pan-Tilt-IPNetwork-Camera-with-9dbi-Antennas-0-300x300Black & White Surveillance Cameras vs. Colour Surveillance Cameras

You have an important considering this specific item before you select what is more convenient for your needs.  The benefit with a colour would make it easier to distinguish details on many items.  The black and white camera would be a better choice if there is a very low light or darker area.  The price will be cheaper too.


Night cameras

In this case, it is preferable to choose black and white.  You will get better images quality in these lower light conditions.  The infrared cameras will maximize details in these situations.  You will be able to get a wide choice according to your budget and the number of rooms and areas needed to be covered.

foscam cameras

Monitoring Surveillance Cameras

You need get a constant management to keep updated on your security cameras activities.  It is needed to have an efficient security system.  The Digital video recording (DVR) is getting more affordable as time passing by.  You are able to gather historical videos information for personal or business use.  The technology is better than ever and you have the option on Internet without being near the area.  You will be able to follow your videos security from a remotely location.  It would be like you have access even if you are not around your place.




The wide choice of equipment can be adapted to fulfil the needs of different type of situations or customers.  You just need to evaluate how important you want to secure your personal or business place.

26 2016 Sep

Informations about security cameras foscam cameras (Part 1)

3-pack-Foscam-FI8910W-Black-WirelessWired-Pan-Tilt-IPNetwork-Camera-with-9dbi-Antennas-0-300x300It is a very good tool to follow all people movements and actions in restricted or private areas.  You will have detailed saved content and tracking recorded.  You can find different settings and categories depending on your needs.  You will get benefits and limitations according to the type of camera.


Security cameras: wireless or wired

You will prefer using wired installation to have more reliable signal and images.  The disadvantage would be to configure all the equipment.  The time needed and people involved would be higher.  Any type of personal or business use can be considered.  It would be interesting to evaluate how important are the assets to protect in the area.    The wireless protection and security equipment is easier to complete and it can be more flexible.  The main inconvenient is about interference from other equipment using the same type of signals like cellular phones or Internet.


Dome Surveillance Cameras

This type of camera is often installed indoors of buildings located on the highest point.  There are a lot of benefits with type of equipment.  You won’t be able to locate which direction the camera is pointing.  It is very tough to pass under the camera and avoid capturing images wherever you are.  Very often, the protection is hard to break security camera.  You can decide to install this type of camera outside too.


foscam cameras


Bullet cameras


These type of cameras are very low cost and it can be used anywhere.  You will find a wide choice depending on the needs.  There are some cameras that you can install outside and whatever the weather is, it will keep on working.


You will find what you need to get the job done !!

19 2016 Sep

10 Hidden Functions : Ipad Air (Part 2)

Apple-iPad-Pro-128GB-Wi-Fi-Silver-129-Display-0-300x3004)  Find a specific word on a web page

You can do a global search on the web or directly on a current page.  There is a bottom section on this page on Google bar.  You just have to type a word you want to find and you will get results for this one.  The next button will permit to locate the next section on the web page for the specific word.   You will get all results about this word by clicking next until you go back with the first result.


5) Automatic Wi-Fi access without any message

You can setup your Ipad to be connected to any    Wi-Fi without any warning.   You don’t want to receive any messages asking if you want to connect to a specific Wi-Fi.  You simply have to go to setup application and deactivate tab                [Confirm access] in the Wi-Fi section.

6) Secret keys on the keyboard

You will have all different choices available if you maintain a key for a longer time.  For a letter, it will show different written letters from different languages.  It is the best way to discover what is hidden under this key.  You can get the free application Emojis from the Appstore.

Ipad  Air

7) Play a podcast 2 times faster

You are able to accelerate a podcast to cut on the time.  You will save half of the time from the regular speed.  It is the button X2.




8) Play movies from SD card

You won’t be able to use and play the SD card directly on your iPad.  You will need to import the content on your iPad and go to the section pictures. You need these two folders on your SD card: /DCIM/100VIDEO.  You must make sure video Format is compatible with iPad’s CODECS.

19 2016 Sep

10 Hidden Functions : Ipad Air (Part 1)

1 ipad air1)  Remotely access to Itunes library

You will be able to see complete content on your Itunes account.  One way would be to synchronize with a USB cable to your main computer.  The second choice is using Wi-Fi connection.  You must have made the setup option for sharing activated from your main Itunes library.  You will get access on your Ipad by selecting sharing tab on preferences with Itunes application.  From your Wi-fi connection Ipad  which is the same network as your computer, you open Ipod and type library.  You have to go to settings on your Ipod section and put in your Apple’s login information.

Ipad  Air

2) Screenshot

This feature could be interesting to record some images from any application such as Facetime, games, websites or much instant information from a specific report or page.  It is done very fast and you can send mms to a person.  It is very efficient and easy to do.  The only thing to do is maintain the welcome and turn on button.  You will see a white flash and hear a sound to confirm your screenshot.  You will be able to check on picture.


3)   Come back to the top of the page on a website

If you go on a website with a lot of content, you will have to scroll up for a long time to come back right at the start.  You will be able to get directly at the beginning by just tapping on top bar of the application.  This will save you precious time and you will gain more productivity.