12 2017 Apr

Preserving Memories With The Canon Selphy Photo Printer

I love being able to print photos from all kinds of occasions and being able to preserve some memories and good times. I have a lot of photo albums and I spend a lot of time completing them and working on them. It is a good hobby of mine and it is so much fun to relax and to be able to sit down and look back on how far I have come.

Working on photo albums is a hobby that I got from my mom. Her and my dad live across the country from my brother and I since my brother and I moved away after college. We live on the West coast now and they live in the Midwest, which is where we grew up. Sharing photos and keeping family albums has been more important than ever.

I love working on my own albums and getting creative with them. My Canon Selphy printer is perfect for the kinds of photos that I like to take and being able to preserve some fun memories with them. I like to use the printer to print my brilliant photos quickly and easily. I can then have the photos to put into albums from vacations and family trips.