23 2016 Oct

Apple i pod shuffle : small is beautiful

Audioflood-Waterproof-Apple-Ipod-Shuffle-Silver-Latest-Gen-0-300x300This  a  small release  for  I pod.  You will be able to bring it everywhere easily because it is so small.  The main difference will be the storage for the songs.  The maximum capacity is 2 GB instead of 40 GB.  This is the major impact: you will have a smaller number of songs to choose from.  You will have  the same as 10 different artists albums.  The main question will be how many hours are you traveling per week or month ?  You must take into account what is more important when you  travel : weight or storage of songs ?  If you have luggage, it will add up to your space needed.  It depends also if you travel by plane or by train and watch to respect specifications requirements at airports or train stations.  If you loose your I pod shuffle, it would be less costly than a regular one.

i pod

One interesting characteristic about I pod Shuffle concern random choice for songs.  Whatever are your songs, each time you will have a new experience and never know what is the next song.  You can connect your I pod shuffle with your computer and download from a wide choice of 1 million songs on I tunes.  You can adjust all your controls easily and it works the same as any other I pod category.  It is possible to add accessories helping to protect from any type of damages!!


The battery can last up to 12 hours and it is easy to recharge.  The only characteristic that is more concerning if you really want to have a complete display for all your songs, you won’t have it on I pod shuffle.  You will pay less than 100$ with this category.  If you like simple things and light items for music, it will be the best choice!!

23 2016 Oct

Let’s having fun and entertainment: air hogs


You can fulfil a dream.  It is called « Air Hogs ».  You want to have an overview of the world without taking any risk of a crash.  What beautiful pictures you can get from a plane or a helicopter !!  You don’t have to pay millions you can’t afford.   This is very affordable way more than this real flying objects !!  Maybe you are not as famous as these stars and it is not so fantastic being under cameras and paying too much attention to all your life.

These « Air Hogs » are ready to be used as soon as you open the doors and insert batteries.  You won’t loose any time reading carefully details and instruction about how to assemble this toy !!  On top of that, you have a large choice to choose from.   You will find what is the best « Air Hog » for you.  You can choose different types of air hogs.  Some are able to land on the water.  There are other air hogs you use inside without any worrying of rain, wind or cold.  You have also a toy that is able to climb on walls.

air hogs



The beauty is about how these air hogs work !!  You don’t have any pollution with gas, because it is air powered.  The weight is very low and it is very flexible and versatile.  You will improve your skills as time passing by.  You will experiment carefully and find the fun to operate an air hog. You can go back in time if you are older and the younger ones will enjoy too !!  Fun is easier to get than what you expected.  It doesn’t need to be as big as we think !!

14 2016 Oct

XYZprinting 3D Printers Make It Easy to Bring this Technology Home

2-xyzprintingWhen 3D printing first came out, this kind of technology was really only available to specialized institutions and businesses. Because the technology was initially fairly expensive, it would have been unheard of for anyone to have something like this in their home. These printers really were the hit new thing though, so a lot of work on the technology continued.

Now there are many different companies making 3D printers that are far more affordable which means that you can actually bring something like this into your home or business for far less than you might have spent at one point in time. You’ll be able to get the right kind of technology to print cool 3D models and other objects that are often convenient to have around.

To make sure that you are able to really get the most from the technology, make sure that you choose great 3D printers like the ones offered by XYZprinting. These printers are built with you in mind so that you’ll be able to easily work with a printer like this. At low prices, you’ll be able to get into this new type of technology and bring home everything that you need to start 3D printing.

7 2016 Oct

A Fujifilm FinePix Digital Camera is a Good Choice for Taking Pictures

1-fujifilm-finepixIf you are someone who is interesting in taking pictures to capture family memories and to make it so that you have pictures that you can show your children when they are all grown up, make sure that you invest in the right kind of digital camera. There are many cameras on the market, but only some of these cameras are ones that will be great for you to use.

When you are looking at a digital camera, it is important to take the time to look at the features that this camera offers just so that you know ahead of time what you can expect from it. You’ll be able to find great cameras like a Fujifilm FinePix digital camera that have a huge amount of zoom and others that are great for slowing down action and taking still pictures of moving people. Determine which features matter most to you and pick the best one based on these.

When you have the right kind of camera, you’ll be able to capture the shots that you need for your scrapbook or to display on a wall. You’ll be sure to love all of the great pictures that you can bring into your life as you snap great shots. With the right camera, you can become your own excellent photographer.