26 2016 Sep

Informations about security cameras foscam cameras (Part 2)

3-pack-Foscam-FI8910W-Black-WirelessWired-Pan-Tilt-IPNetwork-Camera-with-9dbi-Antennas-0-300x300Black & White Surveillance Cameras vs. Colour Surveillance Cameras

You have an important considering this specific item before you select what is more convenient for your needs.  The benefit with a colour would make it easier to distinguish details on many items.  The black and white camera would be a better choice if there is a very low light or darker area.  The price will be cheaper too.


Night cameras

In this case, it is preferable to choose black and white.  You will get better images quality in these lower light conditions.  The infrared cameras will maximize details in these situations.  You will be able to get a wide choice according to your budget and the number of rooms and areas needed to be covered.

foscam cameras

Monitoring Surveillance Cameras

You need get a constant management to keep updated on your security cameras activities.  It is needed to have an efficient security system.  The Digital video recording (DVR) is getting more affordable as time passing by.  You are able to gather historical videos information for personal or business use.  The technology is better than ever and you have the option on Internet without being near the area.  You will be able to follow your videos security from a remotely location.  It would be like you have access even if you are not around your place.




The wide choice of equipment can be adapted to fulfil the needs of different type of situations or customers.  You just need to evaluate how important you want to secure your personal or business place.

26 2016 Sep

Informations about security cameras foscam cameras (Part 1)

3-pack-Foscam-FI8910W-Black-WirelessWired-Pan-Tilt-IPNetwork-Camera-with-9dbi-Antennas-0-300x300It is a very good tool to follow all people movements and actions in restricted or private areas.  You will have detailed saved content and tracking recorded.  You can find different settings and categories depending on your needs.  You will get benefits and limitations according to the type of camera.


Security cameras: wireless or wired

You will prefer using wired installation to have more reliable signal and images.  The disadvantage would be to configure all the equipment.  The time needed and people involved would be higher.  Any type of personal or business use can be considered.  It would be interesting to evaluate how important are the assets to protect in the area.    The wireless protection and security equipment is easier to complete and it can be more flexible.  The main inconvenient is about interference from other equipment using the same type of signals like cellular phones or Internet.


Dome Surveillance Cameras

This type of camera is often installed indoors of buildings located on the highest point.  There are a lot of benefits with type of equipment.  You won’t be able to locate which direction the camera is pointing.  It is very tough to pass under the camera and avoid capturing images wherever you are.  Very often, the protection is hard to break security camera.  You can decide to install this type of camera outside too.


foscam cameras


Bullet cameras


These type of cameras are very low cost and it can be used anywhere.  You will find a wide choice depending on the needs.  There are some cameras that you can install outside and whatever the weather is, it will keep on working.


You will find what you need to get the job done !!

20 2016 Sep

Impressed with Sirius Satellite Radio

2 sirus satellite radioWe’re now in the day and age where music should be clear as a whistle and not super scratchy. The way to get AM and FM radio from the past tended to make music very difficult to make out for some stations. But now that satellite radio exists, it can bring clear tunes that sound beautiful. It truly is music to your ears when you hear it.

What I did was get a Sirius satellite radio so I could hear great music. It’s also great because I’ve found that the stations I listen to have a lot less commercials than ones on AM and FM. Overall I’m really impressed with the Sirius satellite radio I got, since it’s a huge step up from AM and FM radio. And since I don’t have cable, I don’t have a way to listen to radio through that, either.

But to me, satellite radio is the way to go. It’s an easy way to get good music that sounds clear. I like that I don’t have any scratchy tunes playing when I tune in to my favorite station. It really is the radio of the future, and I’m surprised people still listen to AM and FM radio.

19 2016 Sep

10 Hidden Functions : Ipad Air (Part 2)

Apple-iPad-Pro-128GB-Wi-Fi-Silver-129-Display-0-300x3004)  Find a specific word on a web page

You can do a global search on the web or directly on a current page.  There is a bottom section on this page on Google bar.  You just have to type a word you want to find and you will get results for this one.  The next button will permit to locate the next section on the web page for the specific word.   You will get all results about this word by clicking next until you go back with the first result.


5) Automatic Wi-Fi access without any message

You can setup your Ipad to be connected to any    Wi-Fi without any warning.   You don’t want to receive any messages asking if you want to connect to a specific Wi-Fi.  You simply have to go to setup application and deactivate tab                [Confirm access] in the Wi-Fi section.

6) Secret keys on the keyboard

You will have all different choices available if you maintain a key for a longer time.  For a letter, it will show different written letters from different languages.  It is the best way to discover what is hidden under this key.  You can get the free application Emojis from the Appstore.

Ipad  Air

7) Play a podcast 2 times faster

You are able to accelerate a podcast to cut on the time.  You will save half of the time from the regular speed.  It is the button X2.




8) Play movies from SD card

You won’t be able to use and play the SD card directly on your iPad.  You will need to import the content on your iPad and go to the section pictures. You need these two folders on your SD card: /DCIM/100VIDEO.  You must make sure video Format is compatible with iPad’s CODECS.

19 2016 Sep

10 Hidden Functions : Ipad Air (Part 1)

1 ipad air1)  Remotely access to Itunes library

You will be able to see complete content on your Itunes account.  One way would be to synchronize with a USB cable to your main computer.  The second choice is using Wi-Fi connection.  You must have made the setup option for sharing activated from your main Itunes library.  You will get access on your Ipad by selecting sharing tab on preferences with Itunes application.  From your Wi-fi connection Ipad  which is the same network as your computer, you open Ipod and type library.  You have to go to settings on your Ipod section and put in your Apple’s login information.

Ipad  Air

2) Screenshot

This feature could be interesting to record some images from any application such as Facetime, games, websites or much instant information from a specific report or page.  It is done very fast and you can send mms to a person.  It is very efficient and easy to do.  The only thing to do is maintain the welcome and turn on button.  You will see a white flash and hear a sound to confirm your screenshot.  You will be able to check on picture.


3)   Come back to the top of the page on a website

If you go on a website with a lot of content, you will have to scroll up for a long time to come back right at the start.  You will be able to get directly at the beginning by just tapping on top bar of the application.  This will save you precious time and you will gain more productivity.

18 2016 Sep

Call Business conferences: Logitech webcam

Consumer-Electronic-Products-Logitech-HD-Webcam-C270-720p-Widescreen-Video-Calling-and-Recording-Non-RetailBulk-Packaging-Supply-Store-0This would be a good way to use a Logitech webcam.  You are able to save a lot of money as an employee.  You will have more energy dedicated directly with your employer.  Each group will gain on this process.  It is a win-win situation for both parties.  You can use it to join an interactive training or do a conference call for your own business.  It is a powerful tool!!

Telemedicine is promising way to use a webcam too.  Once again, you will get some benefits for both parties.  The patient will get access to specialized medicine from a remote area.  Health care specialist will be able to concentrate on the most important thing: the surgery.  He won’t have to spend time on the road and be stuck in traffic.  He will be more dedicated to his task and the traffic will be more fluid.telemedicine1

This use of a webcam proves that in general, the community will be improved.  You will gain efficiency on the work for all employees involved with this technology.  You can extend these advantages to many workers.  The major impact on environment for climate change is something that improves on people’s life.  The people will be happier and the global contribution is multiplied by the number of workers involved in this process.



You will be the part of innovation and it will be a first step that leads to a bigger impact than just for you.  Your decision on using this webcam tool will be leading to progress for the community.  More people engaged will mean multiplier effect on several economic sectors.

Logitech webcam is a choice for the future!!!

8 2016 Sep

A Handy Orbit Timer for Watering My Garden

1 orbit timerI always seem to be busy with something. Whether it’s taking care of kids or going to work, I’m the kind of person that has a lot on their plate when it comes to life in general. My garden has really suffered because of it, since I haven’t had enough time to water everything. But I think I finally have a solution to my issue, and I’m excited to try it out for myself.

What I got is an Orbit timer for watering my plants. It turns my hose into a programmed sprinkler system which can water my plants with ease. No longer will they wilt over time because I haven’t had enough time to water them. With this new timer, I’ll be able to set the time I want them watered each day of the week.

All in all, I think my garden will survive. Even though it’s been through some tough times because of my schedule, from now on it should be getting enough water to stay healthy and happy. It doesn’t have to depend on me anymore for regular watering. The Orbit timer I got looks promising, and I like how easy it is to set up and program.