29 2016 Jul

I Explore the World with My Garmin eTrex

2 garmin etrexWhenever I get the chance, I love to travel. I think seeing the world is a very appealing idea. I’ve been to other countries before, but I’d love to visit even more of them. And with my GPS, I can do that without getting stressed out or lost. I can monitor where I am with ease when I use my handheld GPS when I travel. It’s also waterproof, which is great for rainy areas.

My Garmin eTrex is an easy to use navigator that lasts through thick and thin. I can carry it with me wherever I decide to go. I even like getting lost on purpose sometimes, just so I can find my way back with it. I just like being able to venture out anywhere I want, because this nifty little tool gives me the ability to always find my way back.

I think next year I’ll go to South America. With this GPS navigator at my side, I think I’m ready to see how it’s like down there. I’ll be sure to visit the coast, since that’s where I hear is a lot of beautiful terrain. And if I want to go on an adventure, I know I can trust my Garmin eTrex to get me to where I want to go.

20 2016 Jul

I Grew to Love My iPad Air

1 ipad airBefore I got my first tablet, I wasn’t sure what to think about those things. Since I already had my smartphone, I didn’t see a reason for a tablet. It’s basically like a smartphone, only bigger. Well, I was wrong. When my friend got me a surprise tablet for my birthday, I was intrigued. Within a few hours, I was playing around on that thing like no tomorrow.

My iPad Air is something truly special. It’s not really like a smartphone now that I got to experience it firsthand. It’s something that feels more like an intuitive mini laptop to me. I like that I can tap, slide, and press things in a way that makes sense. I also like how light the device is, as I can tote it around just about anywhere. It’s definitely lighter than a laptop, yet still has a really good screen size.

In the end, I really do like my iPad Air. While I wasn’t sure what to think of it at first, I learned to really like the controls and how it works. I like being able to see my apps in a large screen format, and I like that I can carry it around wherever I go. It’s just a really nifty gadget, and I’m glad I have it in my life now.