28 2016 Feb

Patented technology Omron blood pressure monitor

New-High-Quality-OMRON-HBF-306C-BODY-FAT-ANALYZER-ELECTRONICS-OTHER-0The patented technology and the very good reputation in the global health market gives you the confidence when people use these products.  You will obtain reliable results that provide  you all information needed  to manage your health.  Omron monitors are used on a  spectacular 50%  to make tests  and surveys everywhere in the world.  You can count on the professionalism and credentials with Omron.


What to do for an existing user about wristband


You need to replace the wristband after using the monitor for time periods.  It is needed to keep on having significant results.  Omron offers a summary of the most important features to be adapted for the person.  We give you all information to match the best blood pressure unit with the wristband fitted for you.  In general, you are able to find the right product for you.  In some cases, you will need to contact the manufacturer that will provide you information to satisfy each customer.

Omron blood pressure monitor


Important – checking to get right results


Omron provides indications to make sure everything is correct.  You will be able to know when your blood pressure  is operational.  You must get  significant readings.   You must be very careful about the recommended way to take ratings.  You will be provided with all information and illustration to show you how to process with this equipment to be properly  installed  and  get precise ratings.  This will be understand very easily and it will become an habit beneficial to help you manage your health.  Your will be more than happy to have decided choosing Omron as a supplier.

My suggestion would be: Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (Model BP652) Clinically Proven.


28 2016 Feb

The reference manufacturer for Blood pressure units Omron blood pressure monitor


You must take into account many characteristics before making the best choice.  This company has been a leader in this field since 1960.  The experience talks for itself.  Omron has improved their products on the long run and their only goal is to get better and better.  You must be very dedicated  to your customers when  is the people’s life.  You must put in place serious and documented tests to get more precise and useful  to get critical information about the subject.  It is a question of life and death.  There is no  room for errors.

You have the most trusted company all around USA.  The biggest  statistic to prove the success is 100 million sales in this market.  Omron is working on home market and commercial.  The investment in the department of Research and development is very important to be updated and always looking to find a specific explanation to better understand how the body interact.  You can add more features and make your blood pressure units more trustworthy.

Omron blood pressure monitor


The list for home use blood pressure monitors


There is wide  range  to satisfy  their customers.  You will get reliability and accuracy that  no other company in this field would be able to reach.  26 models are offered  to fit on the physical measurements of the person.  You can choose a  standard monitor to another one which could be connected on electronic equipment.  You will be able to generate historic information on your  ratings for blood pressure.   You will have a precise information that will help manage the evolution of your health.  You can’t take a rating on an occasional period to have the best picture.

One of my suggestions would be: Omron 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Wide-Range ComFit Cuff (BP786)Omron-10-Series-Wireless-Upper-Arm-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-with-Wide-Range-ComFit-Cuff-BP786-0-300x300


21 2016 Feb

What is useful about Heart rate monitors ? polar heart rate monitor

Polar-H7-Bluetooth-Smart-Heart-Rate-Sensor-Black-0You can do cyling the better way and more efficiently  by using a tool like Heart rate monitors.  It will collect many statistics to help you manage your training.   You will be able  to adapt your program  to  your personal  physical capacities.  After a certain time, you will improve  your weaknesses  and you  gather a follow-up  what to change in your program.

polar heart rate monitor

There are 3 very important  keys for your  training program

1) You need to find your personal intensity that fits for you.

2) The more precise information for measuring intensity  is your heart beat

3) Polar is a useful and easy way to use by capturing heart beat information on a regular basis.



You will have more information on your progress using an heart rate monitor.  You will be able to set goals and see how you progress without being discouraged  if you don’t have any idea where you want to go and more importantly, what is realistic for your personal training program.  You won’t be do it  like a robot repeating a program without any feedback or summary report for critical information.  You must keep in mind to respect your body and prevent any injury.  In this case, you will have to go back and lose time getting back to your actual level.



You must be working on cardiovascular and muscular parts of your body.  The heart rate monitor will measure what is your effort involved doing each exercise.  You will collect accurate information on your muscles power and heartbeat.  It will add  dynamic information about your progress on a regular basis.  The motivation will rise seeing some progress and knowing that you can work on specific parts of your body.

One of the best heart rate monitors is Polar H7.  It can be used in swimming too.  Fitbit surge is another excellent choice !

14 2016 Feb

Review for Ipods : apple ipod shuffle

Apple-iPod-Touch-128GB-Space-Gray-6th-Generation-0-300x300iPod Touch

It is the best choice that will give you more options and the best performance.  It is the only iPod using Apple’s operating (iOS) and enabling Siri  and a large number of applications for Apple. You won’t be able to run GPS functions or any app using cellular phone.

You should take into account how many applications available you will be able to run properly.  M8 motion coprocessor   is useful  for many fitness applications.  iPod touch offers availability for radio on the Internet.  You can get access to Apple music and Spotify and make your personal choices for your preferred songs.  It is very interesting to use many other applications like videos, games, Facetime and skype.

It could be a good investment for anybody even if they have already other devices from Apple.  iPod touch is something you are more comfortable to bring anywhere when you go out and you can pass it along to your kids.  Parents have been buying this equipment to let their children having a device that looks like IPhone without any important monthly fees or      long-term engagements.

You have a large scale storage option ranging from 16 to 128 GB.  People can have their complete list of songs everywhere they go.

iPod Nano

This device hasn’t been refreshed or updated since 2012.  The maximum capacity storage is limited  to 16  GB.  It is a  previous operating system  iOS 6.  It would be more interesting to use an Apple watch or Fitbit for fitness training.

Audioflood-Waterproof-Apple-Ipod-Shuffle-Silver-Latest-Gen-0-300x300iPod shuffle

apple ipod shuffle

This device from Apple is older than iPod nano.  You just have a storage capacity of 2 GB and there is no screen.  It is still very useful  because there is no screen,  the risk of damages  is reduced a lot.  This is the only Apple’s iPod which has a built-in clip.


The best choice is iPod touch.