14 2015 Dec

Creative Live! Cam inPerson HD creative live cam

Creative-Live-Cam-InPerson-HD-Webcam-0-300x300This web camera has been approved to be used with Skype program.  You will get high-quality HD video.  It will provide good streaming and transmission without any slowing in viewing the other people in a call.  You will have no worry or concern during your discussion.  You can concentrate on having a continuous call.   It is very important to have efficiency to maximize the content on a call without losing time to start again and reset a business discussion at a certain point when a sudden interruption happens.

You have an onboard processor for this webcam and it improves image quality without any other processor from the main computer.  You will keep the same speed and no need to close any other program running to prevent a collapse on your computer.  The transmission speed is 30 frames per second on a resolution of 720p.

creative live cam 

You get a quad microphone including a process of reducing noise to maximize the voice sound quality.  You will have no disturbance on discussion and a superior fluidity in your content.  You will be able to have longer calls when needed.  There won’t be a limitation on calls in case of interruption by this webcam.  You need to concentrate on diffusion of the content without losing too much time on technical problems to set up the webcam.


It is also possible to add auto-focus lens and improve on capture.  You will be able to see detailed information.  It will be easier to get the right report and read it clearly.  You will send the exact details needed about a report or a picture presentation.


You can count on this webcam to be productive and efficient.  It won’t let you down.  You will like it.

13 2015 Dec

5 main feature buttons: Polar RS100 polar heart rate monitor

Polar-RS100-Heart-Rate-Monitor-and-Stopwatch-0-300x300We must take into account the global information about how to manage our training.  It is very important to keep a closer look and watch the progress and stay motivated.  The people often have a tendency to push too hard without knowing what their body can bear.  The objective of good information is a guideline toward a custom program that you will be able to maintain on the long run.  The trick for healthiness is regularity.  The health monitor is like a tool to measure your body components to search what you can have as a solution and follow the results and progress after each training session.


The person can have information on calories burned.  The heart rate zones are another feature helping an average bracket where you can track this very important information.  You also have the time scheduled for an exercise and you will hear a sound signal when time is done.  The recorded training summary is a report about all compiled keys information during the time of this exercise.  Finally, target zone alarms are a very powerful feature.  You can set a goal for your heart rate zone.  Once you reach this goal, you will hear an audible beep that warns you.  You can modify this goal following your progress and your age.


polar heart rate monitor


This health monitor can be adapted to each type of athlete.  You can record up to 100 hours of training information.  You have the flexibility for a bracket of heart rates from 15 to 240.  There is a feature that gives you information when the watch is put close to transmitter chest.  You have access to support on videos, answers on recurrent questions in the website and a user guide downloadable too.  You have a two-year warranty on this watch preventing you from any situation needing a repair.  You will be able to record key information on your training. The battery will last 2 years on a normal use.  This would be a wise choice as a Christmas gift.

6 2015 Dec

Trick: How to save money as a traveller ? tp link wireless router

TP-LINK-TL-MR3020-3G4G-Wireless-N150-Portable-Router-APWISPRouter-Mode-0-300x300It can be done very fast and it is useful.  You just need new equipment called: travel router.  You need Internet for a lot of tasks at work.  You could need to download an application, surf in the Internet to prepare a complete report.  It could be to make financial projections on a potential specific market.  It could be transferring some data from accounting software.  The creation of a project that needs to find the best suppliers.  It could be related to your bank transactions: personal or business.

tp link wireless router

You must protect your connection with a password.  This is something mandatory to run away from theft of confidential data.   The travel router will give you a multiple access to any mobile device.  30$ US could become a large amount of money if you stay at the Hotel some time.  You could stop extra charges using multiple devices.  You will feel like you have no limitations and be productive to use all the tools needed for work.


The Internet plan will be assigned to your travel router.  The other equipment like an IPhone will not be charged as an additional fee because the Hotel will not see any other device on a Wi-Fi.  Ethernet cable will have a link to the travel router and all devices will be connected to the laptop, IPod or any other device.

I would recommend this travel router                     « TP-LINK TL-MR3020 ».  This device will give access to multiple devices as well as 3G/4G for mobile phones and smartphones.  You will be able to transfer voices and data at a high rate.